Mission and Vision


Become the next generation platform, to offer a decentralised positive way to socially network.


Create a global opportunity to impact how society network.

Problems we solve

We kicked off our brand with a focus on eradicating the negative downfalls of social networking. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is our modern go to solution. Being a parent, a friend, or a family, we are always searching for a safe environment.

Data Protection: Traditional social media platforms are centralized entities that take users’ data and sell it to advertisers, while channelling billions of dollars to their shareholders. The users of these platforms, who are building and supporting the platforms, often don’t receive any rewards in return.

Security: Imposters are hiding behind unauthentic details and contents, making it easily accessible for users to target individuals without any implications of further security. Failure to protect users from spam/fake ccounts can lead to users being physically, mentally, or financially affected.

Negative behaviours: Existing social platforms are still unable to control negative content/behaviours such as trolling, bullying, racism and sexism as seen in recent events (e.g. Olympics 2020 & Football Euros 2020).

User Cases: Many social media giants that claim to have millions of monthly users on their platform, who have enormous influence on the content that is delivered to the viewers. They also contain inefficiencies with spam accounts, fixed algorithms and shielding users from negative behaviour.

How we solve

Moti Network solves these problems effectively by using an efficient but simple KYC (Know Your Customer) system. When people register, they must fill in some basic information and upload a personal picture plus a picture of their ID. We check and approve only the genuine accounts. We therefore effectively eliminate the possibility of fake accounts.

On the contrary, Moti believes that privacy is a natural human right. So, in addition to the KYC system, people can also register by paying for an account. By doing this, we create economic scarcity. There’s an economic cost if you want to participate in a quality motivational and uplifting networking platform.

However, Moti Network will offer a free subscription to make the platform viewable for all.

The Moti Network rewards system is activated when joining the Moti Network platform (Network2Earn subscription). By interacting, creating, publishing, curating, and maintaining the platforms goals users will be rewarded in the native token (MOTI). Network2Earn system has been introduced to give our users the opportunity to experience the potential of crypto currency firsthand.

Decentralised Applications (dApps) Offered By Moti Network


The platform’s native crypto currency is MotiCoin (MOTI), which will be the main instrument of payments, transactions, and rewards within the eco system. MotiCoins can be earned by networking, posting and curating content on the platform or by maintaining the network’s goals.



  • Team - 150,000,000 (3%)
  • Advisors & Partners - 150,000,000 (3%)
  • Private Sale & Pre-Sale - 125,000,000 (2.5%)
  • Seed Investor - 412,500,000 (8.25%)
  • User Reserve - 1,000,000,000 (20%)
  • Marketing & Exchanges - 912,500,000 (18.25%)
  • Strategic Development - 1,000,000,000 (20%)
  • Public Sale - 1,250,000,000 (25%)


  • 60% Development and Innovation
  • 20% Marketing
  • 10% Corporate structuring
  • 7% Security/Legal audits
  • 3% Moti Foundation


2020 Q1

  • Commencement of conceptual work to kick start the project.
  • Analysis of rules, laws, and regulations with respect to development.

2020 Q2

  • ICO strategic planning and design.
  • Completion of branding.
  • Structured development team companies

2020 Q3

  • Application design and functionality analysis.
  • Marketing Strategies Analysis.
  • Initiated first drafts of application.
  • ICO development.

2020 Q4

  • Collaborated with blockchain specialists, and advisors to create strategic plans.
  • Planning dApp’s and blockchain development.

2021 Q1

  • Commenced development of blockchain and dApp’s.

2021 Q2

  • Seed Investment
  • Expanding corporate structuring

2021 Q3

  • Initiate marketing plan
  • Private Sale
  • Raw design dApp demo

2021 Q4

  • Pre-sale
  • Influencers and Partners announced

2022 Q1

  • Initial Coin Offering
  • Alpha dApp Testing

2022 Q2:

  • Security Audit
  • Launch dApp’s

2022 Q3

  • dApp research and development
  • Exchanges Listings

2022 Q4

  • 100k users on Moti Network dApp.

Team Members

At the heart of Moti Network is an experienced and talented team of individuals. Together we share the common vision of driving change in the social networking sector.

Alfie Colin Smith


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Joshua Paul Ells


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Krunal Patadia

Development Team

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It can be termed as a futuristic network that works towards the betterment of society with its every product and service. It has created an ecosystem that promotes motivation and healthy minds. It has integrated its network into three divisions: an application, a foundation that is working to help others and a crypto currency.

Moti network is a blockchain-driven ecosystem that offers alternative products that are simple, secure, reliable, and offers perpetual development. It visualized a network that will be rewarding and advantageous in every possible manner

MotiCoin is a cryptocurrency developed to smoothen the working of the eco-system. It is backed up by Moti. It maintains transparency, which gives an opportunity to the users of the network that are inspired and believe that Moti will be the next biggest innovative ecosystem with massive upside potential. With the upsurge and growth of the network, MotiCoin will offer more opportunities and innovations to its users.

Positivity and negativity run parallel in our lives. And with good food, family, friends, we intend to balance them out. Recently, there has been an increase in mental health problems, this creates the negativity levels to be high in society. Therefore, we came up with an application that will act as a solution to these problems. Motitext is built to ensure that a special social platform focuses on pouring positivity and motivation into the community.

Moti Foundation is one of the first cryptocurrency-backed mental health charities. The number of people dealing with social media insanity is increasing day by day, especially in the current climate. Moti Foundation helps you keep your sanity. We create awareness about mental health among all the sections of society. Our aim is to help as many of our members create awareness about the Moti Foundation’s vision and bring it to life.

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